The Secret Temple of Triangle

by YAY

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shhhh its a secret


released July 20, 2013




all rights reserved


YAY Liverpool, UK

Yay (RadioRay)
Previously frontman for 40th anniversary of Hawkwinds Spaceritual with Alan Davey in The Psychedelic Warlords
Played flute performed poetry and sang all the songs
and from Munky Puzzel ,Merecats,Slutco,spacebandits and Captain Starfighter and the Lockheeds
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Track Name: The Oblongs of Triangle pt1Fearless Fun
The Oblongs of Triangle part 1(Fearless Fun )

Way back when,a long time a go
Thrilled to bits at the sight of snow
fearless fun we musta bin about seven
our dreams were full and life was Heaven

Eleven and they shoved us in
hard and fast to the deletion bin
pressed enter and school began
with rules and tools and head lice man
crap teachers who used the cane
they would beat us till the tears came
for laughing and messing around
they made us fools to the rest of the crowd
embarrased us in the football team
tried to wake us from our dreams
and sever, the paths of fate
just a kid from the crap estate

4 years is all we got
bacteria and a head full of snot
no wonder we failed their test
this is england,north and west

Wow wot a majical place hear
Gardens of green waterfalls
where floating in space here
Mother nature calls
Rainbows,snow storms
bird song n skylawns
Animals, sweet summer rain
wow its surreal ,we feel were real
wow wot a wonderful plane....

10 years on theres still no prize
and politics is on the rise
were rich men have a real good time
watching poor men in decline
with suicide ,depretion too
nowhere to go nothing to do
no money not much to eat
its a hard hard life here, in the street

All lyrics,music and Arrt work RadioRay 2013
produced ,engineered and mastered by Radio at moonapple Studio
Track Name: Loves Temples of Infusion
Loves Temples of Infusion

Love could happen in a moment
but you dont really think its true
your in controll yeah you controll it
but love is goina get to you

I aint got it in my pocket
she hasnt got it in her car
yall never find it in a locket

Love is living in my bedroom
come n find it if you can
its hidden underneath the blankets
ill be your undercover man

I never seen it in the churches
it cant be written in no book
its not in those dirty pictures
but still i know ya goina look

Ya cant believe it when ya got it
ya wont believe it when its gone
ya cant conseal or reveal it
and she aint knowing where its from

When it comes ya goina love it
when it gets you will be glad
turn your world around and lift you
stop your heart from feelin sad

so elusive cannot steal it
ya cannot hide the stuff away
everyboddy's goina feel it
love will get to you some day

Everybody has to have some
ya gotta give it all away
feel the power deep inside you
let it go and let it stay
......................................................... RadioRay x Yay
Track Name: The Oblongs of Triangle pt2 (432Htz )
The Oblongs of Triangle pt2 (432Htz)

comin straight back atchya like a ten foot brick
with a sawn off shot gun feelin sick
sick sick, of all the trouble in the world today
no matter where i go it wont go away
and ive even tried to change it, but it aint no use
and ther aint no end to this poor excuse, of evolution
cos all it reached was hate !
a government of muppets and a power struck state
with church leaders dripping in gold
grabbin all the taxes till their souls are sold.

Evil pickin, pickin on the poor,were knock knock knockin
on the governments door, job seekers its like a Natzi camp
whats next is just a silicon stamp injection, to ward away the
flu and what the hell is up with you ? ya just take it, like a silicon
they even send our kids to war, for money its no minimum
they train em first before they throw them in the cage
n keep on cuttin us n takin tax .this life is Hell n this is the facts
vibrations of 432
i think im tuning into you.

comin straight back at ya with a heart full of lead
was it something i did was it something i said
while the journalists and media, where sneaking all around
and the camera, was rolling and ya should have heard the sound
we were staring in the mirror we were staring in the screen
celluloid and sillicon and living in a dream
role players in a virtual place, delayers of the cosmic race
relayers in a circuit space bad players with a holy face
on line ,your mind is mine, ill only tell you one more time.
no heaven for the men of power
were yet to reach our finest hour

vibrations of 432 i think im tuning into you
vibrations of 432 i think im tuning into you
vibrations of 432 i think im tuning into you

All lyrics,music and artwork by RadioRay
for more of Yay.... visit
Track Name: The Sandboats of Arabia
The Sandboats of Arabia

Across the tundra on a camel in the sun
along the oil flows where forests used to grow
with vast plantations of coco nuts and beans
a place of wonder mystery and dreams

into the mountains on a journey to the sky
A Hellish place to live in a heavenly place to die
political and dangerous a land so full of fear
they slide across the hour glass
the sandboats of Arabia

Ancient in its history and mythical to man
such a verbal opposite to the followers of his lamb
from western civilization with your Gods so hung and dead
across the Tundra be careful where you tread
Track Name: The Secret Temple of Triangle
High? your live on the show and your listening to RadioRay on 432 mghz frequency modulation ,The Secret Temple of Triangle.